• Will Garniz             Exalted Ruler
  • Frank Reynolds     Leading Knight
  • Jesus Sanchez       Loyal Knight
  • Bill Henderson      Lecturing Knight 
  • Cindy Bauer           Secretary
  • Jeffrey Muehlfeld   Treasurer Tiler     
  • Joseph Llanes         Esquire
  • Cesar P. Lastra       Chaplain
  • Adela Bain              Inner Guard
2017 Exalted Ruler - Delfin Mule

2017 Board of Directors

Will Garnitz

Miami Elks Lodge 948
Citizen of the Year    Cesar Lastra
Elk of the Year                    Linda Perricone
Officer of the Year - Ed Leduc.


A Miami resident since 2005, Will Garnitz has been an Elk for 11 years.  Born and raised in Indiana, Will is the son and grandson of Elks.  He retired last year after serving as District Director for the U.S. Department of Labor.   Prior to that he served in the Marine Corps and was a factory superintendent.

  • Albert Reker                  1st year
  • Patricia Borsuk              2nd year
  • Lindon Cummings         3rd year
  • Nancy Carr                     4th year 
  • Sameth Aljamal              5th year​