2017 Exalted Ruler - Delfin Mule

2017 Board of Directors

Citizen of the Year    Cesar Lastra


Elk of the Year                    Linda Perricone
  • Bob Talbot              1st year
  • Al Reker                   2nd year
  • Will Garnitz              3rd year
  • Lindon Cummings  4th year 
  • Nancy E. Carr          5th year​
Officer of the Year - Ed Leduc.

 Delfin Mule



  • Born and raised in Miami Beach, FL
  • Happily married to my lovely wife Helen for over 25 years.
  • Proud of my two children for their educational accomplishments and honored to have a son who is an officer in the United States Army.
  • One of only three Exalted Rulers to serve more than one term.
  • A member of the medical field for over 25 years specializing in consulting and health care marketing.
  • My passion is in the culinary arts and spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Looking forward to a great year!

      Fraternally yours,

      Delfin Mule, PER,ER

  • Delfin Mule             Exalted Ruler
  • Sam Aljamal            Leading Knight
  • Julia Weber              Loyal Knight
  • Frank Reynolds       Lecturing Knight 
  • Glen Rust                 Secretary
  • Jeffrey Muehlfeld    Treasurer Tiler     
  • Joseph Llanes          Esquire
  • Cesar P. Lastra        Chaplain
  • Jesus Sanchez         Inner Guard
Miami Elks Lodge 948